Micronised Purple RiceIn our modern world, our bodies are constantly bombarded with chemicals from our food ( eg pesticides, artificial fertilizers), medicines we take to combat disease ( eg antibiotics, statins), from our water ( eg fluoride), and our environment (eg pollution, electromagnetic waves, stress from our working environment etc). We are trying to make our bodies do more and more in an environment that our cells are constantly battling against, and need more energy to do properly. Every day we hear of people becoming ill.IMAGINE IF THERE WAS SOMETHING TO HELP YOUR BODY WORK BETTER BY GIVING MORE ENERGY TO YOUR CELLS…THERE IS……MICRONISED PURPLE RICE! Purple Rice HistoryFor centuries, behind Chinese palace walls purple rice was carefully protected and guarded. Only the Emperors, their families and the warriors who rode into battle for them were allowed to consume the rice. Now, this potent rice has been rediscovered and unveiled in Enzacta's Alpha PXP Royale. Enzacta calls this healthy functional food "royalty rice"Enzacta have taken just a few of the best strains of purple rice and cross-pollinated them naturally to create the most potent form of purple rice. The rice is grown in the largest naturally organic location on Earth in the Siam Valley in Thailand, without any pesticides or chemicals being used, and without any genetic modification (GMO). It is grown and harvested by hand, and there are no pollutants from vehicles etcThis specific strain of rice has a higher level of nutrients than any other rice family. It is naturally equipped with polysaccharide peptides and has a high concentration of anthocyanin antioxidants which give it its purple colour. The antioxidants help your cells to get rid of free radicals which cause harm. This purple rice is then uniquely micronised to alfa particle size using the latest technology. It takes 100kg of rice to produce about 1kg of purple rice as only the very germ of the rice is used. This is the bit of the rice particle that a new rice plant would grow from if it were planted. There is NO OTHER PRODUCT LIKE THIS AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD. This means that over 90% of the rice is able to go into the cells to feed the mitochondria. These are the POWERPLANTS in our cells. This is unheard of in the food industry! This amazing product is now available in the UK for you to find the benefits. Most people who have tried the micronized purple rice: Have more energy to do the things they want; Feel less stressed and moody; Sleep better and feel less fatigued; Have less ‘brain fog’ and more mental clarity to achieve their daily goals even if your daily goal is just being the best mum or dad; Find their immune system is strengthened, and they suffer from ailments less often or heal better from injury; ALL THIS MEANS: We feel so healthy and want this feeling, The Power of Purple

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