Healing Properties


Citrine is beneficial to mankind in various ways, some of them are:

  • Physical healer

Natural Citrine improves physical energy and stamina thereby encouraging proper metabolism and supporting endocrine glands. Citrine has been proved effective for chronic fatigue syndrome and in reverse degenerative diseases. It is also thought to cure hyoid, indigestion, skin irritations, allergies, chemical and food intolerance, and ailments associated with pancreas and spleen.

Citrine is considered to be beneficial in eliminating the infections of bladder and kidney, treating the problem of bed-wetting in adults, relieving menstrual and menopausal symptoms, and alleviating fatigue. It may also prove to be great in morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting.

Citrine stimulates nerve impulses, making intellectual ability strongly enhancing concentration and wisdom. It also aids in temporary memory loss issues.

  • Emotional Healer

Citrine opens the intellect of a person that he can enjoy and accepts the purpose of his life. It helps in releasing annoyance and pessimism, inherent fears and destructive and disparaging tendencies. Citrine is an outstanding crystal for overpowering the troubles of depression, criticism, and sensitivity by inspiring originality and self-expression. It helps the wearer in letting go of his past and moving forward to grab better things and opportunities in life.

It purifies one’s spirit and helps him to identify his true self and identity. It gives the wearer the courage to face the discrepancies of his life by facing them and taking decisions and actions that can resolve them.

  • Spiritual Healer

Natural Citrine is an exceptional gemstone for those who are excessively thoughtful, sensitive, and vulnerable to outside vitalities and influences. The radiant yellow colour surrounds the body and protects the aura of the one who wears it. It is also considered as a talisman when one needs to feel confident and secure.

Citrine Cathedral Quartz is one particular quality, which is beneficial for those who have at any point in their life have suffered emotional or physical absence.

  • Heals and balances the chakra

Natural Citrine's ecstatic and gleaming yellow and gold colour opens, activates and energizes the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras. It directs into these chakras the sense of creativity, imagination, power, intelligence, and manifestation. The golden ray that high-quality Citrine exhibits stimulate the crown chakra by purifying the energy of the crown chakra and sending it back to the navel and solar plexus chakras. The clarity of crown chakra induces clarity in thoughts, mentality, ideas, and words.

On the other hand, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the centre of distributing energy and maintaining relationships. It controls the digestive systems and immunity. When this chakra is in balance, it gives you the strength to fight allergic troubles and infections.


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