Auralite        size  Medium

Auralite size Medium


Healing Properties


This multi-dimensional crystal works miraculously on all aspects of the human body. It has shown its effectiveness in not only healing the physical body but also bringing mental stability and spiritual awakening. With the use of this one stone, a person can be healed completely and come out of the shackles of unhealthy living. There are multiple ways that Auralite 23 crystal works, each wonderfully. Let’s take a look.

Physical Healing – If you are undergoing physical stress then there is no better cure than healing with the help of Auralite 23 crystal. The crystal helps relieves stress from the body by relaxing every muscle. It also gets rid of muscle spasms, eye strains, headaches (especially of the tension variant) and backaches. Basically, it works on removing muscle discomfort. It also improves the condition of cardiovascular health, helping the heart pump blood better. On a wholesome level, Auralite 23 crystal works on bringing balance to the entire physical body. It eliminates chronic problems and helps one lead a more fulfilling life. 

Emotional Healing – Auralite 23 crystal is an effective stone for cooling temper. The stone helps to control one’s anger and think in a more rational manner. The stone is known to help a person think before she speaks thus limiting the chances of miscommunication. It is also believed that the stone works as an inspiration to the human mind helping it gain knowledge more openly. The stone helps one understand his or her shortfalls and guides towards the correct path. 

Spiritual Healing – Leading a spiritually enlightened life is not easy. You need guidance, dedication and the manifestation of the Supreme Being. This is where the Auralite 23 crystal comes into the picture. The stone awakens one’s spiritual self. The stone carries the innate powers of the earth which leads the wearer towards spiritual life. It is a talisman, a guiding spirit created to help mankind understand spirituality and divinity. 

Chakra Healing –The powerful energies of this beautiful crystal is known to specifically work on the upper chakras of the body. It heals the chakras and makes them work to the best of their capability. When the chakras are aligned, you can feel the overall change in your personal character, in your strengthened intuition and in the general process of healing.


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