Amethyst  Tumblestones

Amethyst Tumblestones


Healing Properties


The Healing Properties of Amethyst are as follows:

Physical Healing: Amethyst is believed to cure insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It is said that keeping a small amethyst stone under the pillow while sleeping brings pleasant dreams and if any person is suffering from a headache, rubbing of this stone gently on his forehead will soothe him. It boosts the production of hormones in the body and heals the endocrine glands and nervous system.

Amethyst is also believed to cure the problems of hyperactivity and obsessive-compulsive disorder in children. It treats the issues related to the heart, lungs, skin, and stomach. The elixir of amethyst is great for treating arthritis.

The symptoms of hearing disorders and tinnitus are also healed by this excellent stone. The calming and soothing energies of the amethyst heal various other ailments also, like stress, brain impulsion, migraine pains, and psychic disturbances. However, it is strictly recommended to not use amethyst in cases of schizophrenia or paranoia.

Emotional Healing: Amethyst is a calming gemstone for people who are short-tempered, and could not manage their anger. It heals the emotional tensions and anxieties of a person, which can lead a person to physical tensions and traumas.

The emotional healing effect of amethyst lets the person differentiate in what is good and what is bad and allows him to make a wise decision. Being the stone providing the greater wisdom, and understanding, it helps the person in overcoming with grieves of the loss of loved ones.

Furthermore, this crystal assists those who are facing the counteractions of their addictive habits of having drugs and alcohol, the negative effects of which hampers brain. 

Spiritual Healing: Amethyst is used to protect a person from ill wishes, psychic attack, paranormal activities, and negativity to a great extent. It converts all the negative energies into positive ones and sends the negative ones back in the universe.

Amethyst is believed to carry high vibrational energies that instil the feeling of devotion and dedication to the supreme. It brings humility and stills one’s thoughts into meditation and prayer. It is considered great in clearing the negativity from the aura of the human’s body.

Heals and Balances Chakra: Amethyst is believed to open and heal the brow chakra and crown chakra. The crown chakra is the conduit and gateway to the far wide universe, which is away from the reach of human beings. Amethyst heals the crown chakra, which resides at the top of the head. It controls the way we think, and the way in which we respond to our fellow beings. A balanced crown chakra opens the mind of the person to higher planes of the world. It gives the person the strength to overcome the setbacks of life.

The brow chakra also called the third eye chakra is believed to direct one’s awareness and a sight to the everyday happenings of the world. A balanced third eye chakra opens the mind of the person to new ideas, visions, dreams, and thoughts. When the third eye chakra is in balance, all the non-linear communications within the body function well


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