Healing Properties


Physical Healing: Amazonite is helpful in the assimilation of calcium and balancing the metabolic processes of the body. The elixir of Amazonite is effective in treating calcium deficiency in the body. It is also regarded as a treatment of osteoporosis and tooth decay. Amazonite is also used in treating brittle nails and hair and to prevent hair loss.

Amazonite is also known for maintaining the wearer hale and hearty in general. It regenerates damaged and dead cells, heals after trauma, injury or any illness, and gives relief from muscular contractions. It takes care of the issues with the thyroid and throat gland, nervous system, and blockage of neural nerves.

Moreover, Amazonite has also proved useful in taking care of sexual disarrays, such as impotence, lack of desire, sexual obsession, etc. It is also thought to assist in childbirth.

Emotional Healing: Amazonite is believed to reduce the tendencies of self-neglecting, particularly in women. It increases self-esteem, and improves the way of communication and makes it more effective.  It also gives power to one to set suitable boundaries, privately in the strength of mind and establish healthy relations with others.

Amazonite is an amazing healer for the emotional body. It calms the mind and takes out the wearer from the state of trauma. It directs anger, pacifies fret and fear, and converts irritability into optimism. It seeks emotional balance and normalizes the aggression in the wearer.

Spiritual Healing: Amazonite holds the energy of truth and honesty. It harmonizes the communication between intuition and intellect. It allows one to find the right path of life, which is true and wise and spread it in others as well.

Amazonite also makes the wearer powerful enough to manifest desires and dreams by clearly analyzing the wearer’s intentions. Amazonite is believed to work through the throat chakra and hence whatever is wished must be spoken loudly. If one wishes something to be fulfilled, he/she must hold an Amazonite in hands and speak the wish loudly. It can powerfully enhance one’s ability to achieve his/her desires.

Heals and Balances Chakra: Amazonite deeply and stimulates both heart and throat chakra. The heart chakra is meant to set-up our interaction and communication with the external world. It gives us our identity and let us be what we are within the environment. The blockage in heart chakra makes one feel controlled or being controlled in relationships. Amazonite unblocks the heart chakra thereby helping the wearer to understand his own emotions and needs evidently.

On the other hand, the throat chakra is the voice of the body. It is a valve which allows energies to circulate from one chakra to the other.  If the throat chakra is unbalanced it can affect the health of the other chakras as well. An unblocked and clean throat chakra allows the wearer to express his emotions well and lets him speak and communicate his ideas, imaginations, opinion, and emotions to the world without any hesitation. It makes the circulation of energy in the body to flow easily. A blue Amazonite crystal helps in unblocking the


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