Here at Natural-Light, our therapists are experts in Pregnancy & Postnatal Wellbeing


 We’ve been specializing in making your pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Get relief from aches and pains, stress, and anxiety with a specialist pregnancy massage, We use our own expertly blended aromatherapy oils.

"Being pregnant finally helped me understand what my true relationship was with my body…” – Amy Adams, Actress. "



Uninterrupted bliss, relaxation, therapeutic and healing, de-stressing, self-care, and lasting, soothing effects; is there anything more divine than having a pain easing, tension-releasing, professional massage to look forward to when you are pregnant?



For many of our mums-to-be, their visit might just be for pure relaxation and an hour of “me time” in our beautifully created haven. For others it could be a blend of calm and serenity with a focus on lower-back tension relief and fixation on improving circulation; very beneficial for expectant mums. But whatever your reasons, we are here to help.




Areas such as lower back, the pelvic region, shoulders, legs, and feet can all be particularly strained; our topical treatment allows you to feel transported to a meditative, slow, and thorough physical scanning of your body, leaving you feeling euphoric, stronger, and ache and pain-free.



You choose how you want your time to be spent; we offer reiki, massages choices, reflexology, leg and foot massages as well as beauty treatments like a full manicure and pedicure service or glowing and hydrating facial. Don’t worry mums; depending on your experience you also get a delicious, refreshing smoothie or sumptuous lunch to help nourish you from the inside out.




Treat yourself or a mum-to-be who could use some serious “me-time”!




Contact us to learn more about how your time will be spent.

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