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We are still here for you

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Natural Light- We are still here for you!

We currently live in a strange world. Used to social interactions, time with friendsand family as well as plenty of freedom to look after our physical and mental wellbeing. We are now made to stay home, to separate ourselves from those we hold close to our hearts and to limit our interactions with the world around us.

However, we, as people, are finding other ways to fulfil these needs and desires. We are meeting up with people virtually, via video calls and we are trying to do our shopping online too, we are also getting out for daily exercise, within the guidelines of course, which is keeping us active.

These things might be covering those different bases, but what about when it comes to our mental and spiritual wellbeing?

Here at Natural Light, during normal times we are here for our clients to help you to relax, unwind and recharge yourself no matter how busy you are in your daily life. During our normal opening we offer a range of treatments including massage, complementary therapies and spa experiences too.

Of course, we are not able to offer these to our clients at present, but does this mean that we are closed completely?

The answer to this is no, we are still here!

In order to still reach out to those who need some help during these difficult times, we have put together a range of remote treatments and services that you can access via our website and then enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Our remote services cover a wide range of needs and which one you book on will really depend on what it is that you require guidance, help, or treatment of and on.

· Distance Reiki Healing Session- Reiki is known to balance our energies and ensure that we are healing both inside and out. This is why we have created our distance reiki healing session. A 45 minute treatment, it will bring about an overall sense of well-being and calm at a time when you may find that your anxiety and worry is high.

· Distance Crystal Healing- Another distance healing treatment. We use crystals during this session to help to make sure that you feel the best that you can and to get energy flowing through your body.

· Weekly Online MindfulnessClasses- If you feel that you need some support in order to find your own Mindfulness, then we can recommend our mindfulness classes. Held completely online, during the 45 minute session you will learn a variety of easy mindfulness techniques that will help you to find your own inner peace.

· A Mindful Journey- You can also purchase the 30 days of Mindfulness which gives you 30 days of support with your own mindfulness activities.

You can also book in on an online Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation session with Karen, should you think that this will help you to focus and centre yourself and your thoughts.

As you can see, we might be there physically during the lockdown, but we are still here for you. Why not get in touch and see which of our remote services could be the right option for you?

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