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Updated: Jan 25

Calling all fitness freaks. It’s time to get those squat knots ironed out. Say Hello to our new sports massage Therapist Louise Brown who is joining us full time at Natural-light Guildford

Aching calves? Clicking knees? Sore shoulders? If you’ve got any (or all) of the above then Louise can help you ‘People are training like athletes but without the proper nutrition or wind down period, leaving them with aching post-workout muscles and stiff, tired joints that can, if allowed to build up over a period of time, lead to more serious issues.’

The answer? A sports massage that will loosen up even the most tight muscles.

Sports massage - what is it?

Put simply, it’s a style of massage that’s designed to get straight to the core of a recurring muscle pain or sports injury. 'While you workout lactic acid builds up around your joints, which is the main cause of the post-exercise discomfort . The best way to release it is with manually, expertly, with applied pressure. 'During your sports massage in Guildford you’ll be moved into a range of different, supported, positions and your muscles will be manipulated.

Is it a no pain no gain situation?

No. ‘When you’re releasing very built up areas of tension things get can a little uncomfortable ‘The aim is to open up the body and get deep into the layers of muscles.’ It’s important to note that this is a clinical massage,’ In other words It might not be quite as relaxing as many of our massages but don’t worry you can alternate treatments so you can have both . You’ll still get to enjoy the heady aromatic smells of our treatment rooms.

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