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Online Sessions starts this Sunday

Zoom Sessions This Sunday join me for Karen's Crystal singing bowl meditation class at 7.30pm

This Session take place via the Zoom app which can be downloaded by yourselves in advance to smartphones and computers .

Sessions last for 45 minutes and cost £7.50 to join a group sessions or please either book on line or drop me an email or message and I will send you the link to pay. When you join our Zoom session your mic is automatically muted so that during sessions we can enjoy the quiet without a mix of everyone's background noise and no one can see you so please feel free to wear your pjs .However you may un-mute Following your class If you are not sure if these sessions will be suitable for you or not please feel free to text me for a chat on 073-771-63945 and I can guide you.I am sure that this is going to be a wonderful experience for all. You know that this will benefit you, your loved ones and the planet greatly. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for doing the work.

Karen suggests that you have;

  • A pen and paper to hand to jot down any ideas or messages after the session

  • A glass of water closeby

  • You may also wish to have a blanket as sometimes your body temperature can change during meditation.

She will aim to start on time so you may wish to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time to check the sound etc.

Just to let you know the structure of Karen's sessions

  • I start each session with a few deep breaths.

  • Then I talk you through a body relaxation process.

  • Then I take you on a guided 'journey'. This gives the mind and body the best chance to relax fully.

  • I use the sound of clear quartz crystal bowls to enhance your experience and relax you even further.

  • There will also be a period of silence.

  • I will bring you back at the end with the sound of a soft bell.

Hopefully you will return feeling refreshed and revitalised; just what we need right now.

We also have Mindfulness meditations on a Monday and Friday with Jo please feel free to text or email me for any details

Love & Light

Katie .

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