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This miracle ingredient is one of the most talked-about things in wellness. Here at Natural Light, we have been using CBD oil in our pain relief massage for over a year now, so we know the great benefits it can have. The CBD oil we use is from the brand Amma Life, who discovered some of Europe’s most specialist hemp farmers, growing their crops outdoors in Holland, Spain and Lithuania without any pesticides or herbicides. So it's natural just as nature intended. With the highest grade of GMO-free seed used to produce the finest crops, their state-of-the-art extraction methods are then applied to create superior-grade CBD oils and the best whole-plant CBD products. Along with our Pain Management Massage with CBD oil, we offer a range of CBD drinks in clinic, such as smoothies and coffee - a perfect way to take your daily dose of CBD if you're new to this amazing ingredient.

Reasons to have a CBD Massage:

- Reduces inflammation

The natural anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids can help to reduce inflammation, therefore relieving discomfort experienced from sore muscles when CBD topicals are directly applied to the affected areas

- Improves skin health

The soothing properties of the oil can bring relief to inflammatory skin conditions

- Reduces chronic pain

A regular massage routine with CBD oil helps with pain management

- Alleviates anxiety and stress

Research shows that a controlled portion of CBD can raise serotonin levels and help to manage the intellectual impacts brought about by nervousness and pressure

Our pain management massage with CBD is linked here: https://www.natural-light-surrey.com/bookings-checkout/cbd-pain-managment-massage

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