Treatments for Cancer

You have many choices to make about your cancer treatment. One choice you might be thinking about is complementary and alternative medicine that are not part of standard care

This is therapies such as Reiki acupuncture, gentle holistic massage and herbal medicines.
People with cancer benefit from these treatments in conjunction with there medical treatment.
The benefits include;
Help cope with the side effects of cancer treatments
Ease worries of cancer treatment and related stress
Help them Feel as if they are active in their own care
Complimentary therapies do not work for everyone. Some methods, such as acupuncture, might help with nausea,
pain and other side effects of cancer treatment. Reiki will almost always enable you to completely relax.

Reiki is an extremely good alternative to tranquilisers and anti-depressants, it allows you l to work through the emotion’s you feel during this very difficult time.
I have worked with many cancer patients that have found Reiki extremely beneficial

Please feel free to contact me by email I am always happy to discuss treatment options with you.

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