Hot Aromatherapy Candle Massage

£70.00 for 50 mins

Massages just reached a whole new level of goodness. If you’re looking to properly pamper yourself, look to the wonders of a hot candle massage which drizzles warm candle wax over your body to deliver you baby-soft skin, a souped-up spirit and one seriously indulgent experience.

Ready to turn up the heat?
Your candle will be ready and burning in the treatment room on your arrival.
You’ll be asked to lay down on the massage table, and once the wax has melted into an oil, the oil will carefully be poured it onto your back. Using soft, long strokes, then it will be massage into your skin. You’ll then drowsily roll over for the front half of the massage, I will slip hot dry towels under your neck and across your shoulders then I will massage your scalp, arms and legs.

• To boost the skin-softening benefits, you’re advised to leave the oils on your body overnight – so you might want to think twice about making plans directly after having a hot candle massage.
• Don’t let the word ‘hot’ scare you – it is completely safe to use and the warming sensation is one not to be passed up it soon cools down.

Wax? On the body? Let us explain – unlike melted paraffin wax which cools and hardens on the skin, the wax used in a hot candle massage is made up of essential oils and natural butters that melt into an oil. This is then worked into the skin to make it feel more nourished and supple than ever.

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