28 April , 2018

Treatments for Epilepsy

Reiki and Epilepsy

Neurological disorders and epileptic seizures and there related issues are an area of great interest to me. I currently work with many clients who have found that regular sessions one per week have resulted in a reduction of seizures . I have been seeing Carolyn now for 6 months and she was happy to share the following ” I have been having grand mal seizures for 6 years ,I was told about Reiki from a friend who had come across this type of treatment in India quite frankly anything was worth a go at that point in my life. I have been having sessions every week and I have found the session a life saver I have found that over the last 6 months my seizers reduced and the amount of time it took me took me to recover when i did have a seizer was much better overall I felt much calmer and less exhausted i have made my sessions part of my weekly routine ”

A great many Adults and children with epilepsy are benefiting from the long term use of Reiki and have found that their seizures were either greatly reduced after having .
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a completely confidential discussion about how Reiki can help you . please email us natural-light@outlook.com or text 07581 498 740.

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