14 March , 2018

Reiki to Help elevate the Side Effects of Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Treatment for radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients
Having to undergo radiotherapy is daunting and at times highly confusing, you are already in a place where the treatment is radical and the outcome unsure. But on top of that, radiotherapy can also bring much pain, dysfunction and distortion to our body, some temporary, some not so temporary.
Radiotherapy affects everyone differently each person’s experience will be unique and it’s difficult to know exactly how you’ll react to the treatment.
Symptoms may include tiredness, sore or discoloured skin, change in bowl habits joint/muscle pain, reduced libido, soreness and difficulty swallowing lymphoedema and even secondary cancers can become long-term effects.

• Healing sessions are a natural and positive way to help lower our emotional states of stress, anxiety and depression. They will also help with the physical side effects of pain, sickness and tiredness (fatigue). In the UK the following hospitals are using Reiki in the following areas ;
University College London Hospitals NHS, London:
• Reiki treatments offered to patients with stress and mood disorder
• Reiki treatments offered to complement conventional cancer treatments
• Reiki treatments offered to complement the treatments of endometriosis

Southampton University Hospitals NHS, Southampton:

• Reiki treatments offered to palliative care cancer patients (day care)
• So what are these side effects that I need to look out for from my radiotherapy
• Tiredness
• Feeling sick
• Problems with eating and drinking
• Skin reactions, soreness
• Flu-like symptoms
• Hair loss
• Changes in your blood.
• Effects on sexuality, low sex drive, erection problems (impotence)
• Secondary cancers
• A change in skin colour in the treated area
• A dry mouth, due to salivary changes
• Breathing problems
• Long term soreness and pain
• Bowel changes
• Bladder inflammation
• There’s more but the list just gets bigger and bigger.

Healing therapy can help you to cope with the worst of any side effects you may encounter, may reduce the number of side effects of treatment, can give you higher energy levels, provide profound relaxation, as well as promoting a feeling of well being and more emotional contentment.

You can have Reiki every other day during your Radiotherapy or chemotherapy

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