24 March , 2018

What is Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage?

Ayurvedic pregnancy massage, is a beautiful and unique massage, which has it’s roots in Ayurveda and Marma point therapy.

The treatment focuses on the whole body of the woman, and varies according to which trimester of pregnancy she’s in.

The main focus of the treatment involves being massaged with a specialised Ayurvedic oil. This will depend upon each woman’s needs, and will allow for her stage of pregnancy

Ayurvedic medicine is the traditional form of medicine used in India, and is the father of all modern medicine. Evidence of Ayurvedic massage can be traced to 5000 years ago. In Ayurvedic philosophy the belief is that this specific massage balances out the tri-doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Tri means three. Dosha is the basic physical energy, meaning “that which changes”, and in Ayurveda it is your mind and body type. We each have all 3 of the doshas within us, however, they are in different proportions for every person – making it a totally unique mix for each individual. E.g. One person can be primarily Pitta, secondary Kapha and thirdly vata (least prominent). When the doshas are in balance we remain healthy and there is a free flow of energy (Prana) around the body. The flow of prana around the body is assisted by the 7 chakras

Marma massage is a traditional Indian therapy, and is derived from a branch of martial arts. There are 107 main Marma pressure points around the body, 12 of which can be found on the lower legs and feet. Working these points can help to relieve certain condition around the body and free the energy flow.

The massage itself is very slow and flowing you will find a deep relaxation occurs as if you body knows to completely let go

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