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Guildford massage, The perfect place for some well-deserved pampering and relaxation.

An oasis of calm a stone’s throw from Guildford Town Center

Here you will find a stillness and sanctuary where you can relax the mind ,renew the body and revive the soul. From the moment you walk into the room you are transported by the sounds and aromas. Just a few deep breaths close your eyes and let go .

This is a place to nurture your mind and Body, I have created a warm and welcoming environment for you to enjoy the complete benefits of holistic therapy.The scent of lemongrass and clary sage perfumes the air along with candle light and music. This is a precursor of the treatment to follow.

The fragrance of home made blended oils, herbs and spices fill the air communicating to your your body and mind to completely relax. Its not selfish to take time for you its a essential .Please feel free to email me at natural-light@outlook.com for further details on any of the treatments listed.

I look forward to welcoming you very soon Katie

Treatments with Exclusive Spa Access SHHH Don't Tell Anyone !

Guildford Massage, Guildford Spa Guildford and Spa Days Surrey

I believe completely in the holistic benefits brought about by health and wellbeing, both body and soul. and for that to happen you need to take a little time out from your daily routine every now and again…
I offer a range of treatments and Spa experiences individually designed to meet your specific requirement's. Choose from a range of Holistic treatments that will relax and re-energise you.
Relaxation begins from the minute you walk into the room the smell of sandalwood and clary sage fills the air. a few deep breaths and its time to let go .
If you are looking for an experienced therapist who offers a range of healing and complementary therapies . and who's client care is of paramount importance then I would be delighted to welcome you .
Each Holistic Treatment offered will be specially adapted to meet your specific requirements.

This Month’s Feature Treatment


Holistic Facial

This months feature treatment is the completely holistic facial.This unique and beautiful facial also provides total relaxation to he facial muscles where we hold so much of our tension, such as our eye sockets and forehead. We use only the finest natural products so they are even suitable for sensitive skin.
Please contact us direct to book this treatment at Natural-light@outlook.com or phone/text us on 07581498740.

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The Expert Zone

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Reiki to Help elevate the Side Effects of Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

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A sample of Reiki Healing Music: Calming Music, Soothing Relaxing Music, Reiki Music and Zen Music is used in my Reiki healing sessions, and encouraging a state of Zen. Let the calming, subtle sounds take you to a higher state of consciousness, and allow you to give and receive powerful Reiki vibrations.

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